Nearby Attractions#

In the Vicinity#

In the immediate vicinity of Las Cordilleras there is great beauty to be contemplated. Simply walking 500 meters to the next hill to the south of the farm, one is sure to be mesmerized for on a clear sunny morning one can behold 120 Km away El Parque de Los Nevados. The summits of the everlasting snow covered peaks of Los Nevados de El Ruiz, Santa Isabel, Tolima and Huila can bee seen in the distance (see the first the two pictures displayed above).

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Around Casas Viejas just on the outskirts of Las Cordilleras itself and towards las veredas de Pantalio, Nazareth, Tabacal and La Amapola, there are many Caminos de Herradura first carved out of the landscape of the Andes by the Old Arrieros. These tenacious old-timers were our first practical civil engineers who with their pack of mules and precious cargos were the first to open Antioquia’s roadways across the countless valleys, challenging ridges, and steep mountains. Take pleasure in exploring a segment of these remaining trails. The best way to enjoy them is on foot or on horseback.

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Towards the east of the farm walking 1 Km on a segment of a Camino de Herradura that heads to San Jose and which crosses Casas Viejas, one can find a lovely water fall on the Pantanillo River. This is a fascinating nature walk as one enters a protected reserve that yields drinking water to the reservoir of La Represa de La Fe. From this area originates much of the precious liquid that the City of Medellin uses as its drinking water. On this nature walk you are bound to be enchanted by the flora and fauna. Along the way, you can expect to come across chirping humming birds who are very territorial and with their sounds mark their presence. From the path you will witness the green rolling hills, forests, and distant summits of countless mountains of El Oriente Antioqueño.

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El Oriente Antioqueño#

There is much to see in El Oriente Antioqueño. Two to three kilometers away and to the South you can visit a coffee farm. We have our very own coffee region right next door. Likewise, we can arrange for you a horseback ride or a visit to the town itself to savor excellent Cafe El Retiro or to taste the excellent buñuelos sold next to the church, at the town square. Visit the wonders of an original Antioqueñan house right in the town.

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There many more places in El Oriente Antioqueño to visit. If you wish we can arrange tours with a guide for you. Several of these can be visited on the same day and they are as follows:

Towns to visit:

  • El Retiro

  • La Ceja

  • Montebello

  • La Union

  • El Carmen de Viboral

  • San Antonio de Periera

  • Rionegro

  • Marinilla

  • Guarne

  • Santuario

  • Guatape

  • El Peñol

  • Abejorral

  • Cocorna

  • San Rafael

  • San Carlos

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Other Places to Visit#

  • El Salto del Buey

  • Lacteos Buena Vista

  • La Piedra del Peñol

  • A ceramic factory in El Carmen de Viboral

  • A flower farm

  • Cafe El Retiro

  • Ricas Arepas - possibily the bests arepas of El Oriente Antioqueño

  • Empanadas de Chila

  • Mi Dulce Compañia

  • Pizza Antonia

  • Pizzas Piccolo

  • Sancho Paisa - a good Paisa food restaurant

  • Calden de La Cruz - Argentinian steaks in La Ceja

  • La Casa de Troya - Amazing Colombian artisan work of the various regions

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