Welcome to Las Cordilleras#

We have arrived at the happiest point in life’s journey. Having traveled along many long and arduous roads we were finally blessed to discover a bit of paradise here on earth. We sincerely hope that with your visit you will throughly share from our experience.

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Our Present#

Las Cordilleras has generously rewarded our resolute effort by blessing us with delight and tranquillity. We wholeheartedly poured our love and passion into the joyful restoration and construction of our home. This gradual blissful occurrence has brought along a priceless and most unexpected gift. We soon discovered that those who came to visit could instantly sense the balanced life-energy one finds within our bucolic home. The plants, the flowers, the animals, the air, the light, the colors, the sounds, the rain, the smells, and the textures all couple together with countless details of our diligent work.

When a visitor walks past our gate and then past our threshold both time and space take a new essence, a new meaning. These effortlessly unfold in an endearing spellbound way. Those who visit want to stay for almost all find peace and joy within our farm.

With this finding, we then set-out to share our wellbeing with guests from near and far. These can now fully appreciate the blessings of this Andean paradise as they comfortably and joyfully overnight at Las Cordilleras.

It is our sincere pleasure to have you come visit. We are honored to have the opportunity to share our home with visitors who seek and value tranquility, nature’s gifts, and good hospitality. We strive to provide the visitor with endearing memories. All the physical surroundings, the exuberant ever-present life, and our personal touch will at every turn happily conspire to indulge you.

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Our Beginnings#

Las Cordilleras started back in 2012 as an organic farm with the objective of maximizing the useful connections between the earth, plants, animals, and humans. Drawing from multiple activities to include organic farming, agroforestry, integrated farming, sustainable development, and applied ecology, Las Cordilleras is engaged in the practice of permaculture in El Retiro, Antioquia.

At our farm we seek to incorporate the following core tenets as the key guidelines to its overall mission:

  • Take care of the earth

  • Take care of the plants

  • Take care of the animals

  • Take care of the people

  • Share the surplus

Welcome to Las Cordilleras#

“blessed to discover a bit of paradise here on earth”

“time and space take a new essence, a new meaning”

“could instantly sense the balanced life-energy one finds within our bucolic home”

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Where to Find Us#

About This Site#

This is meant to be our activity log, which we hope you’ll find interesting and at times useful. It’s here to help us keep and organize lessons learned, obscure and not so obscure technical tidbits and probably even some philosophy rants, which are a by-product of our comings and goings.

We’ll mostly write in English but posts in German or Spanish will also come up once in a while. If you think it might be a good idea to translate some post or have feedback you’d like to share, please reach out.

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