Las Cordilleras is the ideal retreat from the worries of life. As such, much of the activities available on the premise are geared towards relaxation, introspection, meditation, recharging, and renewal.

Activities requiring greater physical vigor are available off-premise. These are detailed on the page Nearby Attractions.

On the Premises#


Relish delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon snacks much of which originates from our organic harvest and selected local produce. Fresh exquisite Colombian coffee of local farms is freshly brewed throughout the day.


Chimney and Wine#

Enjoy the pleasures of the Salon de Visitas y Tertulias while viewing the ridges from a temperate environment. Relax your soul in this living room by reading a book, listening to soothing music, and watching clouds go by over valleys and mountains.


On chilly days, early evenings, or at night select a cozy armchair to sit by the warmth of the fireplace to enjoy pleasant company, a good cup of coffee or hot cocoa, listen to music or simply mesmerize yourself with the dance of flames of fire.


The Greenhouse and the Plantation#

Visit the greenhouse and the avocado plantation with us to learn about the various organic vegetables we plant and harvest.


Enjoying the View#

Select a comfortable chair to lookout from El Balcon de los Vientos. On this balcony, enjoy the scenic view while admiring nature’s sounds, the weather, and on bright days take pleasure in the swallows and their continuous acrobatic flights.


Take delight in El Baño de Las Nubes in the unique pleasure of a rejuvenating hot bath while contemplating the ever-changing light, colors, and textures of distant ridges and nearby valleys.


Flowers Collection#

Right on our front porch known as El Corredor de las Flores entertain yourself observing the plants and flowers. Enjoy the greenery of the front plateau and gentle valley below it. Take in the tranquility of this colorful spot. You are bound to get a visit from the geese, the mare, the colt, the rooster, and his hens as they gently meander about looking for a bite to eat. On occasions, and unexpectedly, a visiting hummingbird will come to suckle nectar from one of the many flowers.


Breathtaking Sunrises#

On sunny days or even when it rains select a spot at El Corredor de la Luz to behold the most breathtaking and ever-changing view of the mountain ridges. Textures of sunlight, spurts of rain, mystical fog, wandering clouds, and tireless wind, continuously decorate in bursts of colors an Elysian horizon of unmitigated awe.


Allow yourself to be enchanted by the caressing morning fog. Warm your soul with the cordial reddish morning sun rays. Experience the amenable passing of time and colors throughout the day. In the late afternoon, you are sure to be enraptured by an explosion of radiant tones product of a dazzling sunset. On clear nights, the Milky way and other beaming stars are bound to bewitch your life-force.


Smoked Bread and Meat#

On the days when we bake artisan bread or when we fire-up the meat smoking chamber feel free to enjoy these splendid gourmet cuisine undertakings. Enjoy a plethora of aromas take hold of the house but in particular of that of El Patio de los Hornos and El Patio de Puertas where the bread-pizza oven and the meat smoking chamber are located.


Hiking around Las Cordilleras#

Take a walk down into our very own cloud forest to catch sight of the water springs and the exuberant wild plant life. Spend time on a wooden bench reading a book while the soothing sounds of flowing water and the gentle breeze captures your soul as pure nature embraces you. Walk further down the trail and around the bend to hear and see the rhythmic hammering of the ram-pump along with the gushing overflow of water as it works continuously with no force other than gravity pumping the precious liquid up hill.


Caring for the Animals#

Do not miss the morning and afternoon feeding of the animals. Watch as the geese, goats, horses, donkey, hens, rooster, rabbits, cats, and dogs get their meals. With proper guidance and host or hostess supervision, guests will be able to feed and pet the animals.


Tertulias de Pueblo (Countryside Chit-Chat)#

Last but not least, enjoy a pleasant and enlightening conversation with the host and hostess. Good company and good counsel makes a pivotal difference when traveling from abroad to Colombia. Our family speaks multiple languages, have ventured in many areas, and are generous when sharing their knowledge. They will be eager to make your stay a memorable one.

Enjoy the colonial Spanish ambiance of El Salon de los Recuerdos, the restored part of the house built out of “tapia” (clay cob) and giant “guadua” bamboo. Appreciate family heirlooms, artwork, Paisa attire, and accessories.